Home Automation with the Three Muskebeards – Podcast #055

by | Apr 12, 2021 | News | 5 comments

Set the gadget geek dial to 100% for this Data Center Therapy episode. 

Matt “No way do I use Just for Men” Yette and Matt “Slope Astronaut” Cozzolino welcome back to the virtual DCT studio our own Kris “Single-Pole Switch? No Problem!” Lamet to talk about everybody’s favorite post-lockdown hobby tech – Home Automation.

Kris and the Matts cover in this episode:

  • Which platforms, protocols and technologies the Matts and Kris have in their homes including Z-Wave, HomeKit, NodeRed, Ecobee thermostats, Apple Hub, Amazon Echo devices and Home Assistant.
  • How to train your loved ones to do easier electrical wiring work (and how to get frustrated working on the more complicated switches and rooms yourself!).
  • Whether or not to advertise that your home is a “Smart Home” when putting it on the market – and how Kris’ experience turned out, even after the home was sold.

You, our faithful DCT listeners, are guaranteed an episode completely devoid of anything datacenter related, but you’re also guaranteed to have some fun!  The crew riffs on novel uses for key fobs, If-This-Then-That, and shares opinions on how to make sure an Internet outage doesn’t render a Smart Home into a dumb one. 

Give it a listen and enjoy the show.

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