End-User Computing

Transform the way your organization interacts with devices & applications.

End-User Computing (EUC) is an important pillar of data availability. With the right EUC technologies, your organization can achieve a harmonious balance of cost and productivity, providing end-users with secure and personalized access to network services and applications.

Do you want to simplify your work from home (WFH) transition? Are you looking to virtualize an application? IVOXY’s here to help. Since 2006, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes realize new levels of efficiency through desktop OS virtualization, app virtualization, and mobile device management.

Desktop OS virtualization puts your end-user desktop in the same environment as the rest of your data center. With immediate access to Windows 10 and Linux desktops from any location, your team will be positioned to maximize their mobile productivity.

The benefits of desktop virtualization continue to grow every year, here are a few:

  • Seamlessly run Windows 10 & Linux desktops from anywhere without a VPN connection
  • Secure your data & simplify regulatory compliance
  • Create more effective BYOD programs and policies
  • Decrease WAN traffic
  • Increase efficiency & drive down costs

Our Consultants are experts in VMware Horizon, the industry standard for resilient desktop virtualization. We offer a full suite of consulting, professional services, and classes designed to put you in full control of your new virtualized environment.

To learn about how IVOXY can help you with your desktop virtualization needs, contact one of our EUC experts today.

Application virtualization has transformed how work gets done, providing dramatic efficiency gains with administrative simplicity.

IVOXY leverages technologies including VMware Horizon Apps to deliver virtualized Windows & Linux apps to your desktop. Architected and deployed by our meticulous engineering team, your staff will have consistent and secure access to important business apps, whether they’re working on a Horizon virtual desktop, a web browser, or from a physical desktop environment.

App virtualization helps you get more done with less effort:

  • Seamlessly virtualize applications
  • Automate desktop and application management processes
  • Provide a consistent, stateless application experience
  • Maximize application secure and regulatory compliance

If you’re interested in launching a new app virtualization initiative, IVOXY’s consultants are ready to help you at every step of the process: from evaluation and planning, through to implementation & education.

If you would like to learn more about how to start or enhance your app virtualization journey, contact our experts today.

Every year, businesses rely more on phones, tablets, and mobile endpoints to drive productivity. While there are major benefits to mobility, there are serious challenges too, like the heightened risk of data loss, cybersecurity breach, and compliance violation.

Take control of both corporate and employee-owned devices with a mobile device management solution from IVOXY. We help businesses leverage VMware’s industry-leading ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform to take the pain and uncertainty out of enterprise mobility.

  • Full support for iOS & Android
  • Protection of corporate data & apps, from anywhere
  • Application delivery through a personalized portal
  • Intelligent & actionable insights
  • Flexible hosting as either SaaS on-premise
  • Consistent experiences across all endpoints

Our knowledgeable team is poised to empower yours. Mobile device management might seem daunting, but we know exactly how to design and implement the policies and solutions that make it happen.

We would love to learn more about your MDM needs and help determine what solution would best suit your organization. Reach out today for a free consultation.