IT Security

IT security solutions to protect infrastructure against next-generation threats.

Maintaining the security of your network and data center is essential to the prosperity of your business. With new forms of malware proliferating every day, and the barrier to entry for launching malware attacks getting lower ever year, achieving that security has never been so challenging.

Have your systems been audited? Perhaps you brought on a new customer who has more stringent security requirements than you are using today? Do you want to embrace a mobile workforce, but worry about the risks?

We’re here to help. IVOXY consultants will analyze your environment & implement security controls that mitigate these concerns. Then we’ll train your staff on the current security best practices to ensure that your human and technical resources are achieve the optimal security posture.

As technology plays a larger & more central role in business, most organizations begin to face regulatory compliance requirements. Without in-house staff to take a decisive grip on those needs, organizations can get lost in the complex process of making their systems secure & transparent.

From small business struggling with PCI-DSS requirements, to large healthcare facilities who want to improve their HIPAA posture, IVOXY has been a trusted compliance partner to organizations of all sizes.

  • Thorough risk management analysis and report at the start of every compliance engagement
  • Up-to-date knowledge on the full range of compliance requirements, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2 Readiness, FINRA, and SOX
  • Streamline reporting through automation

Don’t wait until you’re fined for a violation to start taking compliance seriously. With IVOXY’s consultants in your corner, you can achieve a proactive compliance posture that save your organization money, time, and reputation.

To talk to IVOXY’s consultants about getting a firm, confident grip on your compliance needs.

Your network becomes more vulnerable to intrusion every time a new device connects to it. To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data, you must have a reliable way of enforcing identity and access control across your systems, ensuring the right people have access to the right data.

IVOXY’s consultants can architect and deploy a customized, best-in-class identity management solution for any network. We’ll analyze your existing identity management systems, then architect and deploy a solution that ensures sensitive resources are kept secure, without harming the efficiency of your team.

We’re partnered with some of the world’s leading identity and access management (IAM) vendors, including Cisco DUO, and leverage those solutions to safeguard your digital assets, including cloud services, BYOD, and IoT devices.

  • Strategically deploy multi-factor authentication across the enterprise
  • Automate & centralize application provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Extend on-premises corporate directories to cloud solutions

Are you struggling with identity management? Talk to an IVOXY consultant and find out how we bring clarity and consistency.

The larger a network becomes, the greater its vulnerability to attack. But even with the best perimeter defenses, it still takes an average of 270 days to locate a security breach. Until each attack is detected, bad actors will have complete access your systems & data, potentially doing serious harm to the stability of your organization.

To reduce long dwell time & enforce maximum control over critical applications, IVOXY builds network micro-segmentation solutions. We’ll help you logically partition your network into isolated segments, guided by the latest “zero-trust” best practices, reducing your attack surface & providing a foundation for high-granularity monitoring & control.

  • Create and enforce granular security policies for workloads
  • Gain visibility and control over lateral network traffic
  • Close security gaps across cloud, container, and on-premises data center

Our knowledgeable team is poised to empower yours. Mobile device management might seem daunting, but we know exactly how to design and implement the policies and solutions that make it happen.

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