IVOXY builds technology infrastructure to enable
next-generation productivity.

Designing & building technology infrastructure that provides the capabilities you need — while staying within your budget — can be a challenge. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations achieve peak application performance, maximize reliability and scalability, while keeping costs within their acceptable limits.

Are you facing an IT infrastructure challenge? Let the IVOXY consultants design a solution that meets all your goals.

From network upgrades, to virtualization improvements, protecting key digital assets and future-proofing your digital assets, we have solutions that are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

At IVOXY, we understand that each organization has unique storage needs. We leverage strong industry partnerships to provide reliable storage solutions that are custom engineered to your requirements, then deployed without unnecessary disruption or cost.

Whether you need to speed your systems, break down storage siloes, satisfy applications with new capacity, or improve utilization and cost efficiency, our team has an easy-to-manage storage solution to fit your needs.

  • All-flash storage
  • Hybrid storage
  • Storage networking
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure

To learn more about how IVOXY can help you solve your storage needs, contact one of our experts today.

In the era of digital transformation, nothing is more important to the stability & prosperity of an organization than the ability to protect its data. As cyber threats become more complex & compliance standards become more rigorous, the need for a thorough approach to data protection has become more urgent than ever before.

Since Day One, data protection has been a central focus of our team. It’s deeply ingrained in our DNA.

To keep your data safe, we’ll start with a thorough analysis of your digital information systems & your business requirements, then develop a custom solution that mixes technology & operational policies to keep your information safe as it moves across your network, to the cloud, and anywhere else it may need to go.

  • Backup and Recovery Software
  • Secondary/Backup Storage appliances
  • Hyper-converged Backup appliances
  • Cloud Integration for Off-Site Backups

To learn more about how IVOXY can help you protect your applications and data, contact one of our experts today.

The more businesses rely on their technology to work, the more important it is to ensure that their network and data are safeguarded against disaster. What would happen to your organization if your infrastructure, datacenter, or applications experienced catastrophic failure? It’s critical you have a clear answer to that question.

For organizations that want disaster recovery done right, IVOXY is there for you.

We’ll help keep your data safe and your applications online — no matter what happens. We’ll start with an audit of your existing systems to identify single points of failure in your environment, and then use the right tools to build out the redundancies, back-ups, and processes you need to face disaster with confidence.

  • DR Planning Workshops
  • Array-Based Business Continuity Solutions
  • Cloud-Integrated Backup Solutions
  • DRaaS Offerings

To learn more about how IVOXY can help you plan for the worst, reach out to one of our experts today.

Cutting-edge network infrastructure is now a source of competitive advantage. No longer just the plumbing that connect your servers, workstations, and end-users, today’s virtualized, function-rich networks provide business value and intelligence far beyond what was available just a few years ago.

Whether you need to build a new network infrastructure or want to upgrade your existing network with the latest generation of high-density, high-performance switches, we’ve got a solution for you. Let our networking team assess, design, and implement a future-proof network for your office or data center, laying a foundation for stronger productivity.

Solutions that provide security, resiliency and speed your applications & data need.

  • Data center switching & mission-critical network core infrastructure
  • Edge switching and client switching infrastructure
  • Load balancing appliances and virtual load balancers from F5&VMware
  • Routing appliances and virtual distributed logical routers
  • Firewall appliances and distributed firewalls/micro-segmentation

To learn more about how IVOXY can help accelerate and optimize your network infrastructure, contact one of our experts today.