Informative, Engaging Workshops to Upgrade Your Professional Skillset

Data center and network technology is constantly evolving. In addition to providing cutting-edge IT solutions, it is our mission to help the IT community stay ahead of the latest trends.

VMworld 2020 REDUX

This time around, we’re curating what you need to know from 1000+ sessions and bringing it straight to your room.

Data Center Compliance Fundamentals Series

We all play a role in information security. With ever-increasing frequency, the folks that manage systems…

vROps In Depth Series

When it comes to monitoring, managing & planning out your environment, there is nothing better than vROps.

Horizon VDI Deep Dive Series

In this three-part virtual workshop we cover the features & functionality of the VMware Horizon virtual desktop suite.

Network Automation for Busy People Series

Automation has been the darling of systems engineers & cloud platforms, but why should the server folks…