Informative, Engaging Workshops to Upgrade Your Professional Skillset

Data center and network technology is constantly evolving. In addition to providing cutting-edge IT solutions, it is our mission to help the IT community stay ahead of the latest trends.

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Confusion

In this workshop we tick through all the considerations for moving some, or all of your systems, infrastructure or applications to a cloud provider.

Data Center Compliance Fundamentals Series

We all play a role in information security. From ISO 27k to micro-segmentation – the hybrid data center to Kubernetes, we bring actionable best practices and experienced insights to turn a policy into a practical solution.

vROps In Depth Series

When it comes to monitoring, managing & planning out your environment, there is nothing better than vROps.

Horizon VDI Deep Dive Series

In this three-part virtual workshop we cover the features & functionality of the VMware Horizon virtual desktop suite.

Network Automation for Busy People Series

Automation has been the darling of systems engineers & cloud platforms, but why should the server folks…