Software Data Center

Virtualize your data center to increase efficiency, agility, and productivity.

Software has eaten the data center — if you’ll allow us to paraphrase. Virtualization, containerization, and automation have streamlined data center infrastructure, providing a path to greater efficiency and lower cost than traditional technologies could ever provide.

From stretched networks, automated business continuity, and proactive and automated operations management, a software-defined data center will empower data center to with agility and flexibility, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

IVOXY designs, implements SDDC solutions, supporting organizations at every step of the transformation process and ensuring the transition to modern data center infrastructure is a resounding success.

The core of a software-defined data center is a fully-virtualized environment.

Virtualizations frees your workloads from the underlying hardware. This layer of abstraction allows for better resource utilization, faster provisioning, and improved disaster recovery. It also protects workloads against server failures, maintenance, and other unexpected events.

But virtualization comes with challenges as well. While our workloads may be portable, the underlying connectivity in your infrastructure isn’t. When starting a virtualization project in your network or data center infrastructure, there are many questions and uncertainties you may face, including:

  • Do I have to re-IP my workloads during a DR event?
  • Will I have to re-create my firewall rules at all other sites?
  • How will I load balance traffic between multiple locations? Will it be based on availability, performance, or both?
  • Can I seamlessly migrate and scale my workloads without anyone noticing?

Our consultants have been designing virtualization solutions to help organizations answer complex virtualization questions long before “the cloud” was the industry-defining term that it is now. We can answer those questions, and any others that may arise.

IVOXY was founded to deliver best-in-class virtualization solutions. Through deep partnerships with virtualization leaders, like VMWare, our consultants deliver the people, processes, and technology you need to confidently embrace virtualization.

Virtual machines have opened immeasurable possibilities, but they’re not always the best solution.

Containerization is a lighter-weight, more agile way of handling virtualization that allows applications to be flexibly deployed to different on-premises & cloud platforms, while consuming far fewer resources than traditional VMs.

IVOXY develops and builds fully-customized containerization strategies. We analyze your current applications ecosystem and network environment, then configure leading platforms, such as VMWare Tanzu, to help you realize immediate benefits from containers, including reduced patching and update requirements, a decreased attack surface, and reduced administrator workloads.

Free your applications with a container solution from IVOXY:

  • Deploy and your workloads anywhere agnostically including private or public clouds
  • Scale upward or downward without the heavy overhead of operating system bloat
  • Build a “grab-and-go” model for developers, speeding development and delivery
  • Provide a self-service experience for your DevOps team, streamlining resource provisioning

The container revolution has arrived. Stay ahead of the curve and explore how containerization could benefit your company’s workloads.

To learn more about containers, or for help standardizing your DevOps environment, contact one of our experts today

Cloud and software deployments are hampered by manual and labor-intensive processes. This requires tedious input from engineering talent that drains morale and efficiency. What’s more, if institutional knowledge isn’t passed down from one generation of engineer to the next, your new staff may have to rediscover those processes, wasting valuable time and energy.

These difficulties are the byproduct of an organic environment that lacks automation. Automation can help you systematize and standardize your network administration, reduce errors, and ultimately saves you and your team considerable time and stress.

IVOXY helps you realize immediate efficiency gains through automation:

  • Eliminate repetitive, morale-killing tasks from your workflows
  • Create a consistent and repeatable network infrastructure processes
  • Accelerate IT and cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Deliver consistent, accurate audits and network reports

Learn how you can use automation for greater power, control, and agility in managing your IT infrastructure.