At IVOXY Consulting, getting a piece of our minds gives you peace of mind. Our mission is to accelerate the understanding and adoption of innovative data availability technologies. Our experienced and friendly engineers will provide the knowledge needed to get the most out of your data center environment and personnel.

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What Our Customers Say

  • "Since 2015, IVOXY has been a key strategic partner focusing on our core virtualization, storage, and backup architecture. Their engineers are the smartest in the business, providing value-added training and consultation for our systems in initial design, maintenance, and upgrades. I need our systems to be configured and running correctly the first time and every time, so I turn to IVOXY."
    Chad Marlow, Director of Operational Technology
    Bethel School District
  • "I want you to know it does not go unnoticed when IVOXY jumps in to help us with issues such as this [VM infrastructure installation]. I've always considered your company a valuable asset for OMC. I know we will continue to grow our relationship in the years to come."
    Sean C. Johnson, I.T. Tech Manager
    Olympic Medical Center
  • "IVOXY Consulting is an invaluable partner because they leave us with new knowledge and understanding of our infrastructure after every health check, training class, and system upgrade."
    Dennis Reed, Senior Solutions Engineer
  • "IVOXY has consistently provided my team with an exemplary level of professionalism and expertise in the design and support of our VMWare environment."
    Sean Jacobsen
    Onvia, Inc.
  • "Hands down, the best consultant we’ve ever worked with as far as looking at the entire infrastructure."
    Jonathan Walker
    Umpqua Bank

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