Data Center Modernization

Modernize your Data Center
for cutting-edge productivity

In a digitized world, the data center is no longer a static pool of compute and storage resources, it’s a driving force of competitive advantage that dynamically adapts to the needs of your organization and customers.

If your data center is stuck in the past, the IVOXY team can help. We’ll analyze your infrastructure, then plan and execute on a modernization strategy that leverages the latest technologies from industry leaders.

Data centers used to be hard to scale and administer, but those days are over. Today’s software defined data centers (SDDC) can handle enormous data volumes, help you eliminate siloes, while streamlining expenses and maintenance costs.

Integrating the compute and storage resources from a public cloud service with your on-premises data center can dramatically improve team productivity. This includes the ability to access “burst” capabilities to meet emerging needs, move workloads between private and public environments, and analyze data across your entire infrastructure.

Ensuring the stability of your organization means having a resilient data center infrastructure that’s ready for catastrophe. The IVOXY team will help you implement the redundant power supplies, core and edge network infrastructure, and cooling systems, to ensure your data center can withstand natural disaster, cyberthreats, or any other challenge that comes your way.

Ready to embrace the benefits of a modern data center? IVOXY is here to guide you through the process.