Cloud Solutions

We design and build the cloud solution you need to maximize efficiency and productivity.

The cloud is intimidating for many organizations. To launch a successful cloud program, you’ll need to account for costs, new skillsets, data protection, and portability. If even one of those areas is handled without the proper care, pain points and problems can emerge that undermine your entire cloud initiative.

When done right, the cloud can revolutionize the way your team works, collaborates, and innovates.

IVOXY helps organization realize a truly customized version of cloud success. We identify the cloud technologies that are right for your needs, deploy and configure them to meet your organizational goals, then secure your workloads and data so that your team can embrace the cloud with full confidence.

The result is leading-edge cloud productivity built to rigorous security and compliance standards.

The core of a software-defined data center is a fully-virtualized environment.

Some companies are great candidates public cloud adoption. Short-lived workloads such as DevOps or analytics workloads are great candidates for public cloud platforms because you only pay for those resources. Workloads that require large data transfers are often not a great candidate, because of the significant costs associated with data transfer.
We’ll analyze your workloads and determine which are right for public cloud platforms, then ensure that you make the most of your public cloud vendor.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in by identifying dependencies and developing a clear strategy for exit
  • Optimize scalability while keeping monthly operating expenditures under control
  • Ensure strong security and compliance with data protection technologies, enterprise-grade VPNs, and firewalls.

Companies who choose to adopt public cloud solutions need a strategy. That strategy shouldn’t just be a technical plan, or even a monetary one, it must be built around the way your people work.

Are your workloads ready to run from the public cloud? Contact the IVOXY team to find out how we can help.

For many businesses, a hybrid cloud solution provides the perfect mix of flexibility and control.

By blending resources from leading vendors like AWS or Microsoft Azure, with on-premises storage and compute systems, a hybrid cloud solution will provide security for sensitive or regulated data, while giving your team tools to reap all the benefits of cloud collaboration.

Building an effective, secure hybrid cloud solution takes a nuanced understanding of the latest technologies and thorough, documented process for cloud deployment. The IVOXY team works with businesses to scope, architect, and deploy hybrid clouds that are customized to their needs and goals.

  • Continue to use most of the same software, easing the transition to cloud productivity
  • Strategically integrate on-premises workloads with cloud solutions
  • Maintain portability and flexibility so you’re always free to make changes or upgrade

IVOXY leverages its deep vendor relationships with industry leaders like AWS, VMWare, and others to help you realize a successful cloud migration. Whether you want to start with a small solution and build from there, or you want to make a full commitment to hybrid cloud productivity right away, our cloud experts will be your guide.

Does your company have questions about the cloud. Contact IVOXY to discuss your needs.