The Great Lab Rebuild – Podcast #026

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Podcast

“…and we thank you oh sweet, sweet lord of hosts for the smörgåsbord you have so aptly laid at our table this day, and each day, by day, day by day, by day…” ― Greg Focker

Amen! The buffet of tech topics is set before us as 2020 is off to a roaring start. Our intrepid hosts balance the demands of delivering services, refreshing our internal IVOXY lab infrastructure and helping the team get ready for our upcoming Kubernetes classes. 

This week our curious listeners get a chance to overhear the staging discussion and learn more about how the lab will be rebuilt with Infrastructure-as-Code, the trials and tribulations of bootstrapping a development environment, and how our engineers have to shift their mental gears to get into scripting and coding when plain old system administration is their true comfort zone.

Cozzo and Yette also share their thoughts on:

  • Methodologies like source control and the tools needed to bootstrap the new lab environment, including Ansible, git, Ubuntu WSL (and good ole Cygwin/X). 
  • Simplicity as a driving factor for the container-ized deployment of applications in smaller shops.
  • Disaggregated HCI and the vendors who let you bring your own compute infrastructure to their “private cloud” solution.

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