Storage Protocols and Boss Battles – Podcast #037

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Podcast

Block vs File! iSCSI vs NFS! Ethernet vs FibreChannel! Round one: FIGHT

It’s a debate as old as modern, virtualized computing itself: Which storage protocol(s) should you deploy in your infrastructure?

Given decades of development, such as the speeds of Ethernet links increasing and the CPU/processing power growing in modern servers, you’d think the landscape would tilt in a particular direction so long after these debates started. However, in this episode of Data Center Therapy, our hosts-with-the-most Matt “Who put in this Boot-from-SAN?” Yette and Matt “You’re saying you want your FibreChannel running on top of your Ethernet?” Cozzolino duke it out on the storage battlefield to build their respective cases for their preferred protocols and practices.

The Dueling Data Center Duo give special attention this episode to storage-related topics such as:

  • The historical impact of switching speeds and Ethernet frame sizes on storage networks.
  • How to deploy multi-pathing and redundancy in storage networks, Ethernet and otherwise.
  • Filesystems and the extra work involved for businesses trying to implement virtual machines on their preferred storage medium.
  • The trend of storage OEMs simplifying their offerings to just one protocol to bring support issues and operational expenses down for IT departments.

As a special bonus on this episode, the Matts also give some video game shout-outs to some new and classic titles, many of which have been ported to platforms that enable mobility and dual-player fun on the road or anywhere else. 

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