The Past, Present and Future of GPUs – Podcast #082

by | Jun 14, 2022 | News, Podcast | 55 comments

Howdy Data Center Therapy listeners – are you all ready to go on a trip?  What if we told you this trip would take you back to the beginnings of Graphics Processing Units?

Are you ready to time-travel to the start of 3D-enabled gaming, the beginnings of fancy operating system user interfaces with visual effects, and the early artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts?

Strap on those headphones and press play to go on our GPU Journey, with your hosts Matt “3DFX” Yette and Matt “Literal Duct Tape” Cozzolino as they welcome IVOXY’s own Virtual Desktop and End User Computing Specialist Mr. Ryan Grelck back to the virtual Data Center Therapy studios.  The Matts and Ryan talk about:

  • What GPUs actually do, what the early use cases for them were, and how they changed PCs and gaming, with a focus on the mid and late 90’s (while mentioning some blast-from-the-past games!)
  • The current players in the GPU market, what kinds of applications GPUs can be used for, and the barriers of entry into the GPU business that keep choices limited.
  • The fiscally unattractive elements of using GPUs in the Corporate and Enterprise space – licensing, and what may change soon with the entry of new GPU players.

If hearing the phrases “Quake”, “Counterstrike”, “Halo 3”, “Call of Duty” and “Destiny 2” pique your interest, you’ll no doubt enjoy this episode.  That said, even if you’re not a gamer, and you’re here to discern new developments in the GPU market, you’ll definitely want to tune into this one to learn more about Intel’s plans with “Arctic Sound M.”

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 Stay low-latency, stay fragging, stay sharp and catch you on the next shiny episode, DCT friends!


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