Network Virtualization (On-Demand Lab Part III) – Podcast #048

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Podcast

“You mean… a dream within a dream.”

DCT Listeners: if you haven’t already listened to the previous two episodes regarding the genesis of the On-Demand IVOXY Lab, do feel free to acquaint yourselves with the last few podcasts.

In this episode, Matt “Makita?Weaksauce!” Yette and Matt “Hold my beer – I’m going to make an Ansible Declaration” Cozzolino take the exploration of the IVOXY On-Demand Lab to new depths as network virtualization is the topic under great scrutiny here.

You, our faithful listener will get to learn about:

  • The potential of nesting NSX-T instances under one another (Virtception, but in this case, for virtualized networks!!!)
  • How GNS3 integrates into the IVOXY On-Demand Lab for Keith Emmanuel’s upcoming Network Automation class, AND…
  • Why the direction of traditional on-premise solutions like VMware vSphere and NSX-T are convergently evolving towards the DevOps space.


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In preparation for the future of declarative data center management, we’ll leave you with these words of automation wisdom: Promote process repeatability; enhance system reliability; reduce manual configuration; scale without effort and stay informed DCT friends!

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