Network Automation with Keith Emmanuel (On-Demand Lab Part V) – Podcast #050

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Podcast | 7 comments

Allow us to elaborate. 

Often when we refer to IVOXY-resident CCIE and “Network Expert” Keith Emmanuel, we might lead you into thinking Keith’s talents only lay in the various layers of the OSI network model, or that his talents only lay with Cisco switches and routers… Or perhaps with next-generation firewall configurations. You could (incorrectly) interpret “Network Expert” to mean that Keith’s really some kind of fancy, one-use tool, like one you’d get at Harbor Freight for a single project and then lose somewhere deep in the confines of your garage or toolbox afterwards.

The truth is: Keith’s got talent. A whole shedload of talent, as this episode of Data Center Therapy will demonstrate.

Our Pacific Northwest hosts with the most, Misters Matt “What Would You Say?” Yette and Matt “My Filesystem of Choice isn’t a Filesystem” Cozzolino welcome Keith back to Data Center Therapy, whose Network Automation with Ansible class is coming up quite soon! Keith astounds and delights the systems folks as well as the network infrastructure die-hards on this episode as he gives details on the parts and pieces needed to command, control and deploy a network from scratch.

You, our valued listener, get to hear about:

  • How the inherently locked-down nature of networking devices differs from systems when being configured – and how devices & systems differ when trying to deploy common software add-ons.
  • How version control systems such as Git, Subversion and CVS are used in configuration of network devices (and how those tools are just as useful and effective for modern compute management)!
  • Why Raspberry Pis and Intel NUCs might be useful when showing up to a data center with a stack of new gear to deploy, and how a little scripting & TFTP play into it.

Our hosts and guest also assess the state of virtual reality and muse on some old proto-VR video gaming classics such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Come reminisce with us and give it a listen!

If you’re as excited as we are to attend Keith’s Network Automation with Ansible class, you can learn more here or feel free to contact your IVOXY Account Manager. If you’re enjoying what you’re hearing, please be sure to like, subscribe and share us with your friends and associates and rate DCT (five stars, if we deserve it!) wherever finer podcasts are found.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and please stay safe as we bid farewell to 2020.  Make sure you stay informed – get yourself ready for a rockin’ 2021 with IVOXY and your personal IT Consultants with an opinion – the Data Center Therapy crew!


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