Malware and Your Possibly Ailing Security Posture with Mack Nethkin – Podcast #007

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Podcast

Does malware have you shaken and not stirred? Bond with Matt & Mack this week.

Join us for a self-declared FUD-free 32 minutes where you’ll get to know a little more about our Network Practice Leader, Mack, the evolution of malware and ransomware, and how you can reduce and eliminate risk in your environment.

Matt “Upstate Yeti” & Mack “The Alaskan” talk:

  • Systems, storage and secondary storage design practices and where those intersect with Network Engineering
  • Security assessments that don’tinvolve logging into systems, pen-testing, or capturing device configurations
  • Immutable backups and ransomware that happens to encrypt servers
  • Targeted versus sweeping attacks sent by those darned script-kiddies
  • Next-gen app-aware firewalls verses O.G. firewalls

Have a listen below!


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