#083 – Email: The Wide Open Front Door

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Howdy Data Center Therapy regulars and new “Therapy Clients” alike! On this episode, your hosts Matt “Release and Report” Yette and Matt “Reverse Lookup” Cozzolino break down email security for you, our listeners, with a little history, a little humor, and a little education around all those three, five and six letter acronyms.

The Matts share their deep technical knowledge and experiences so that you can understand what those acronyms add, protocol-wise, to enhancing the integrity of the email system as a whole.

During the course of this podcast, you’ll get to hear about:
The relationship of email to the ever growing threat of ransomware (“i.e. the malicious clicks”.) Technical protocols like DNSSEC, TXT, BIMI, DMARC, SPF and DKIM, and how those contribute to strengthening email security (while not breaking compatibility with the forty (40!)-year-old email protocol) How solutions like ProofPoint can easily add a strong layer of security to your own Office365 implementations.


After you’ve listened to the episode, if you’re interested in the free IVOXY Email Integrity Assessment to check your own incoming and outgoing email security postures, please reach out to your local IVOXY representative, and if you don’t have one, hit us up at podcasts@ivoxy.com.

If you’re an Office365 customer, the Consultants assisting you will include a Rapid Risk Report as stated earlier.

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We appreciate it! Guard that front door (of email activity!), stay safe, and stay as secure as you can, listeners.
Catch you on the next informative episode of Data Center Therapy!

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