Adventures in Data Classification with Jason Burrell – Podcast #035

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Podcast

When your partner takes a well-deserved vacation, but you still have to work, what do you do? Obviously you call up your old friend to talk about the good ole days and find out what’s happened since you all last hung out.

In this episode of Data Center Therapy Yette welcomes Jason, Rubrik Principal SE, into the virtual studios, and the former IVOXY Consultant shares how he got to where he is as well as how he helps customers today while working in the Emerging Technologies division at Rubrik (a startup-within-a-startup!)

The two share thoughts on:

  • Data classification, including the challenges of compliance, the threats of ransomware, and the implications of COVID-19 on the industry at large.
  • What Cyber-risk insurance is and why it might be more common than you realize.
  • What the differences are between RADAR and SONAR in the Rubrik product family, and how RADAR’s remediation neatly dovetails with the insights that SONAR delivers.

Check it out:

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