AI and the Metaverse – Podcast #073

by | Feb 2, 2022 | News, Podcast

It’s the near future.  You’re on a road trip across the country.  At some point, you realize you’re tired and lower your seat for a nap.  You go ahead and take one.  In the meanwhile, your car silently glides onward, ever attentive to the road.

In this quick bite of an episode, your Data Center Therapy hosts Matt “You think that’s air you’re breathing?” Yette and Matt “We Hope You Enjoy the Ride!” Cozzolino talk about Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse, 3D movies and Washington state drivers.

You, our dear listeners and viewers, will also get the Matts’ takes on:

  • How the world might look without Facebook, and how Google and Apple develop similar technologies (but ostensibly implement them way differently!)
  • How things like voice recognition and augmented reality have evolved over the years from initial attempts to now
  • When (or if!) Tesla and other auto manufacturers will ever achieve fully autonomous self-driving and why it’s valuable

Join us on this forward-looking chat and challenge yourself to see into the future as the Matts have here.  For those folks clamoring for more enterprise best practices and technically focused content, get ready friends, for an exciting interview with IVOXY’s new Security Consultant, Mr. Quinton Barber.  As always, be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever you find your quality podcasts.  Thanks for listening and see you (virtually?) on the next episode of Data Center Therapy!


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