Advanced vSphere with Shane Bradley – Podcast #081

by | May 15, 2022 | News, Podcast

Who doesn’t love a good trilogy?  

Cue the John Williams music!

Mr. Shane Bradley, IVOXY’s resident VMware Master, returns for his third appearance on Data Center Therapy.  Your intrepid hosts, Matt “No!  I want Performant, Scalable AND Value-Conscious!” Yette joins his co-host Matt “Have I shown you this Docker setup?” Cozzolino to collectively welcome Shane back to the DCT virtual studios, and talk about the new Advanced vSphere class he’s been working studiously on for the past few months. 

Along the way, the Matts and Shane discuss:

  • What folks would learn in a more advanced class covering VMware and how it can help shops with just two hosts all the way up to monster Enterprise organizations.
  • How VMware vVols converged on some of the same instrumentation and monitoring that Tintri brought to the market with their VMstore appliance.
  • How Host Profiles can be used to reset root passwords when your hosts get locked out.

If you’re a fan of Letterkenny, the Red Green show, or Schitt’s Creek, you’ll appreciate the alternative North American velvety tones of our favorite Albertan DCT guest and VMware expert, Shane.

We look forward to seeing many of you at Shane’s next Advanced vSphere class, debuting in June 2022. 



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