#090 – Azure Virtual Desktop with Ryan Grelck and Aaron Hagman

by | Oct 20, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Welcome back, loyal Data Center Therapy listeners!  As summer gives way to fall, we’re dropping another fresh and topical episode onto the hot podcast grill for your informational delight (with a dash of fun thrown in for good measure.)  Your host, Mr. Matt “My Stack Overflowed” Cozzolino joins IVOXY End User Compute specialists Ryan “Universal Broker” Grelck and Aaron “Auto-Scaling” Hagman for a deep dive into the new and cloud-enabled world that is Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows 365.   In just thirty-two minutes, you, our listeners will get to learn about:

  • What Azure Virtual Desktop is, why it exists, and what the implications are for mobility and security.
  • What kinds of capabilities AVD has for integration with VNETs, storage, profiles, domains and Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory.)
  • Why some organizations use multi-session desktops.
  • How Windows 365 differs from AVD, and how it’s two flavors (Business and Enterprise) differ from each other.
  • What MSIX App Attach is, how it’s similar to Horizon’s AppVolumes, and how Horizon on Azure is now a thing.
  • What the future of Windows Software Update Services is, how Intune and Group Policy interact, and what ADMX/ADML templates are.
  • And many of the reasons businesses ultimately choose to implement AVD, including a focus on budget, CAPEX/OPEX, security or performance considerations.

Along the way the crew also discusses Azure Arc, VPN tunnels and Express Routes, GPU-enabled cloud desktop instances, Windows Update for Business, thin clients and much more.

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