#089 – Intune Education with Ryan Grelck and Aaron Hagman

by | Aug 15, 2023 | News

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Data Center Therapy, where the digital device management seas are stormy but the DCT deck crew are always ready for a challenge!  While Matt ‘Hard to Starboard’ Cozzolino is out on PTO this week, your reliable and experienced Captain, Mr. Matt ‘Engines Steady at Quarter Impulse’ Yette welcomes IVOXY End User Computing Consultants Mr. Ryan ‘Magnum VDI’ Grelck and Mr. Aaron ‘Active Directory Animal’ Hagman to the virtual DCT studios, for a chat about all things Microsoft Intune.  

In this episode, you, our adventurous listeners, will get to hear about:

  • What Microsoft 365 traditionally encompasses and how offerings beyond M365 integrate into the usual core technologies (Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams).
  • How Microsoft Intune can be helpful for hybrid work and remote/travelling sales teams, and how SCCM relates.
  • Mobile Device Management, including some old stories of MobileIron, and what Intune is capable of doing for the new corporate end user’s experience and data management (including conditional access).
  • How Azure Active Directory (now Entra) can integrate with on-premises infrastructure and clients and what happens when the Internet goes out.

After listening, if you’re excited to join the September 19th through 21st Intune class (with Office Hours on September 22nd) then please be sure to reach out to your IVOXY Account Manager or podcasts@ivoxy.com so you can register yourself.  If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever quality podcasts like DCT are found.

Thanks as always for listening, and stay safe, get your (Windows) Autopilot on, stay (mobile) managed and catch you on the next fun and informative episode of Data Center Therapy!  


As always, thanks for listening, practice safe email and stay informed with our next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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