#088 – What’s new with Desktop Virtualization and Horizon Classes, with Mr. Ryan Grelck

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Podcast

Welcome back to another installment of your favorite IT podcast with a healthy dose of empathy, Data Center Therapy. On this episode Matt ‘Mouse Master’ Yette and Matt ‘4K before 4K was cool’ Cozzolino invite VDI expert and all-around VMware guru Mr. Ryan Grelck back to the virtual studios.  Ryan shares the latest and greatest developments of end-user-computing and virtualization technologies, the changes that were made in the IVOXY training labs as of late, and even ends up getting mired in debates over the best input systems for end-user devices.

In this episode, you, the lifeblood of our show – our listeners, will get to learn about:

  • Which software offerings make sense to deliver over application virtualization technologies.
  • New evolutions of App Volumes including the intriguing and flexible Apps On Demand feature.
  • Why imaging suites in medical systems tend not to be delivered over thin clients.

Ryan’s latest Summer 2023 Horizon class is coming up July 10th through the 14th, so if you’re interested in attending, please reach out to your IVOXY Account Manager or hit up the IVOXY website at your earliest convenience.  If you enjoyed what you heard, please be sure to like, share and subscribe to this podcast wherever you found it.

Now that the dog days of summer are upon us, be sure to stay cool, stay informed, stay trained up, and catch you on the next episode of Data Center Therapy.  Thanks for listening!


As always, thanks for listening, practice safe email and stay informed with our next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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As always, be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever you found this episode of Data Center Therapy. If you need assistance planning or executing your own organization’s vSphere upgrades, please reach out to your IVOXY Account Manager.