NUMA NUMA Yay – VM Performance with Alec Taylor – Podcast #015

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Podcast

Mai-ia-hii, Mai-ia-huu, Mai-ia-ha, Mai-ia-haha!

Ok, now that that’s stuck in your head, take 4 minutes to go watch what many consider the greatest music video of all time.

*Ahem*, back to the data center: You thought you knew multi-CPU and multi-core architecture for virtual machines – and we dare you to challenge your own understanding on this deep, deep, DEEP dive episode.

This podcast’s a very special one for those folks that read, AnandTech, and Tom’s Hardware – but also equally, if not more so, for Virtual Machine Administrators and Architects at companies and government agencies alike.

Join us as we welcome Founding Partner and Consultant, Alec Taylor, whose 26 years in IT and 13 years leading the charge at IVOXY have granted him special wisdom in how we help our customers optimize and right-size their virtual environments for challenging, enterprise-level workloads. Matt Yette, host extraordinaire, also joins the conversation this week as the two discuss:

    • NUMA & vNUMA, and why your server’s BIOS settings are critical to performance.
    • Why your server provider might not have optimally placed the DIMMs in your memory slots, and what THAT can mean to your application & system performance.
    • VMware’s evolution of their multi-core & multi-socket virtualized CPU hardware, and how it can impact your transactional / less-important VMs + applications.
  • Why domain controllers with 8 cores and 16 gigabytes of RAM might not make the most sense in getting the most out of your environment ????

We love answering questions and getting challenges to deeper and more esoteric topics to explore on Data Center Therapy, and we thank you in advance for your time, efforts and attention as we tackle virtual challenges together!

As always: we would be honored if you share this episode among your other equally-seasoned IT infrastructure friends and acquaintances. 

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