Tools of the (Information Technology) Trade – Podcast #022

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Podcast

If you remember the phrase “More Power!”, or if you’ve ever tipped your hat to Bob Villa, you’re about to feel right at home – it’s an episode all about tools!

Grab a spot on the DCT couch and have a listen as our master craftsmen, Matt Yette and Matt Cozzolino, open up their toolboxes to share their favorite widgets, dongles, and gear that help them get their dirty data center jobs done right. 

Through the course of this discussion, the Matts share their take on:

  • Which laptops they’ve liked vs. which they’ve had to use, the utility of USB-attached displays, the pain of old-school serial ports & cables, as well as software tips & tricks for keyboard and workspace productivity when doing twenty things at once.
  • How to stop your fingers from getting pinched by cage nuts, how to make sure there’s a gigabit RJ45 jack to plug into on modern 10Gig+ switches, and how to power that laptop in a rack with C14 plugs lacking home-style 5-15R sockets.
  • Their favorite noise-cancelling headphones for datacenter use, as well as a new kind of headset that doesn’t even need your ears open for you to hear the sound (now there are less excuses to not use earplugs in the data center!)

Whether you believe Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie or not, you’ll have some crafty, telco-sheary fun with the DCT crew. 

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Finally, as mentioned on the episode, learn more about our upcoming Hands-on Containers & Kubernetes training classes.


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