Smart Homes, Backyards, and Surviving Heat Waves – Podcast #062

by | Aug 17, 2021 | News | 7 comments

After a short summer hiatus, hosts Matt “If you’re from Chicago, fight me!” Yette and Matt “Free Chimenea” Cozzolino return to the virtual Data Center Therapy studios to record another fun and casual podcast about all things Smart Home. 

Commenting on Cozzolino’s continued updates to his new-to-him log cabin, our intrepid hosts cover a wide amount of topics such as:

  • Core technologies that power automation, such as Node Red, IFTTT (If This Then That), MQTT and Message Brokers, and Home Assistant.
  • Z-wave sensors and clever programs to integrate changes in motion, temperature, humidity and luminosity.
  • Corded and cordless electric chainsaws – their surprising utility, as well as speculation on motor and battery innovations over the years.
  • Ubiquiti products such as UDM Pro, USG and the possible decline in the quality of their solutions.
  • And musings on proper pizza (including opinions on both pineapple-on-pizza, as well as deep dish, by Mr. Matt Yette).

You, our valued listeners, also learn the true name of Yoshi from the Mario Series (Therapoda Yoshisaurus Munchakoopas, surely a future discount code for IVOXY classes!) and find out just how flammable old Christmas trees can be.  Blow some steam off, crack open your favorite beverage, give it a listen and have some fun learning about everything BUT datacenter technology on this episode.


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