Project Management Conundrums with Jenn Bahneman & Dan Stoecker – Podcast #043

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Podcast | 7 comments

Carrots or sticks? That is the question.

Welcome to a unique edition of Data Center Therapy where the topic isn’t simply technology this week – it’s the people and the processes that make that classic IVOXY data center modernization and network optimization magic happen. In this episode, our humble hosts Matt ‘I prefer the Carrot’ Yette and Matt ‘I just finished my Basecamp entry’ Cozzolino welcome to the virtual studios two professionals from our Project Management Office: Jenn Bahneman and Dan Stoecker.

Dan & Jenn share their very different backgrounds, their hobbies, and their stories with the Matts as they also relay information about how we approach projects with our customers (and with our own internal projects including our vSphere, Horizon, and NSX-T labs & virtual networks). As they communicate what makes everything work, you, our loyal listeners get to:

  • Reminisce about ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger, and how chat (and Slack) ended up being an integral part of how we get projects done internally and with our customers.
  • Learn about how Jenn, coming up on her seventh year here, transitioned into her role in the PMO with a fateful trip to Tucson and her ongoing studies.
  • And hear about Dan’s adventures in scaling wind towers, diving, and going on a photo safari in Tanzania.

If you liked the chill nature of Episode #042, you’ll love this one as it’s just a dab of technology and a whole heap of the back-and-forth that make up our growing, but ever-tightly knit IVOXY family. It’s the next best thing to a water-cooler hangout, so give it a listen:

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