No Silver Bullets: Security Series, Part Two – Podcast #065

by | Sep 22, 2021 | News, Podcast

Welcome back to Data Center Therapy’s second security episode of late summer 2021.  With your hosts Matt “Fragged due to network latency!” Yette and Matt “Raspberry PIs 4 Life!” Cozzolino, the DCT Duo get into the nuts and bolts of how firewalls have evolved over the years (ASA to PIX and well beyond those), and the DCT Duo also discuss how your company’s most critical data can be corralled INSIDE your network with the right set of tools.

In this episode the Matts ask and answer:

  • What information can be extracted from seemingly encrypted communications?
  • What did the first generation of firewalls not have that modern, next-generation firewalls do?
  • What’s the value in implementing outgoing web proxies?

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Thanks for listening and stay safe, lock it down when you need to, and stay tuned for yet more totally fresh episodes of Data Center Therapy!


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