Exploring The New Horizon with David Crow – Podcast #040

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Podcast

How much could possibly change with the flagship virtual desktop solution from VMware this summer?

The short answer: more than you might imagine.  

This week Matt ‘virtual’ Yette and Matt ‘vCozzolino’ welcome IVOXY Consultant and End-User Compute Specialist David Crow back into the (virtual / socially-distanced) studios of Data Center Therapy to give you the 30,000 foot view (and relative firehose) of the just announced Horizon 8 updates. The velvety-piped “VDI Guy” David also shares his …ahem… measured approach to the new features VMware often touts.

Within this episode, the DCT Crew & David muse on standing desks and how awful AppVolumes 3.0 was, but also:

  • You’ll find out about Instant Clones with Smart Provisioning replacing Linked Clones.
  • You’ll learn about licensing changes (some for the better!)
  • You’ll get a brief overview of cloud-based desktop and integrations with such infrastructure as Cloud Pods, VMC on AWS, and Horizon on Azure.
  • And you’ll hear about the changes with vRealize Operations including impacts on the Horizon solution.

Even if you’re not a VDI guy or gal yourself, hearing about the changes and improvements on Horizon gives eager virtual technologists some great fodder for those inevitable future requests from your workplaces and businesses to spin up these technologies and more. Give it a listen!

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