Scalability, power and efficiency

System Virtualization

Virtualization is changing the computing landscape. Today’s data center environments can reduce computing hardware requirements, while increasing service availability with a well-architected server virtualization plan.

Virtualization has benefits far beyond simply consolidating hardware. IVOXY Consulting has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and help your organization increase efficiency and reduce risk.


Virtualization gives your IT team the ability to add, remove and scale systems easily. By removing the dependence on underlying hardware, applications can be migrated without any service interruption, significantly lowering maintenance and upgrade costs.


Speed is key for any enterprise IT team, however the increasing demand and decreasing resources that many organizations are experiencing can make this an exceptionally hard goal to meet.

Through VMware® Lab Manager your team can automate repetitive tasks, enable self-service and test rapidly. VMware® View for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows you to improve management & security, operational cost savings, and increase responsiveness.

Cloud Ready

Tap into the massive scalability that cloud services can offer. Virtualization allows your organization to rapidly scale in a far more cost effective manner than was ever before possible.