Get the most out of your system and the most out of your people

The technology we use is constantly improving, however the foundation of any organization’s information technology is not the hardware or software you use, but the knowledge and expertise of those who implement and maintain it.

At IVOXY, we understand this – that knowledge is power. That’s why we are proud to be VMWare’s number one training partner in the Pacific Northwest.

Our trainings are not for beginners; they are for IT professionals who want to go further and delve deeper to get the most out of their systems. We don’t believe in boring you with PowerPoint slides or wasting time covering the basics that you already know. Instead we focus on hands-on training taught by expert, VCP-certified senior engineers.

Take Control

Talking about theory and best practices is a great way to get a top-level perspective on your technology, but nothing replaces hands-on experience. That’s why each of our classes has full access to an on-site lab full of fast, modern hardware. You’ll get the opportunity to build up, tear down, and fix real-world VMWare infrastructure, including SANs and networking.

We teach you to fully take control of your system infrastructure, practicing on the same enterprise-class equipment you use everyday.

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Go Beyond

We don’t offer “bootcamp” training. We just don’t see the value in skimming complex subject matter to cram for a test. Our training takes a different approach – we take the time to explain and explore core topics that will make or break your virtual infrastructure. You’ll get hands-on, real-world answers about networking, storage, security, and reliability.

Because we don’t teach from a slide deck, our trainers can tailor each class to your needs and interests. With our small class sizes, we’ll make sure you get your questions answered. Want to dig into a specific configuration or problem you’ve run across? Just ask, and we’ll be glad to help.

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