You Shall Not Pass(word): Multi-Factor Authentication” – Podcast #059

by | May 5, 2021 | News

Question: When does a 40-minute podcast episode feel like a fun 15-minute chat beside the old water cooler? (Remember when that was still a thing?)  

Answer: When it’s Matt “Lemme tell you something about Android” Yette and Matt “Got YubiKey?” Cozzolino talking about multi-factor authentication!

Our intrepid hosts of Data Center Therapy have a lively and always topical talk about MFA and more in this latest chapter.  You, our welcome listeners, get to hear about:

  • How TouchID, FaceID, and biometrics are an important part of the multi-factor authentication story (and if they’re generally proven to be secure).
  • How Duo, Okta, Microsoft and Google Authenticator apps as well as password management software tie into enabling better security.
  • When a “backup plan” involving printouts, USB keys, or a big heavy safe might be a good idea for a CYA factor.

You’ll also get to hear cringey tales of sticky notes under keyboards, badly designed applications (for banks!) that improperly used two-factor auth, and how back in the day PayPal sent Yette a nifty gadget, now long gone.  Tune in to have some fun, learn a little, and come away from the conversation with a fresh perspective on how to lock things down.

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Be safe, be healthy, subscribe to the “something you have, something you know, and something you are” model of security, and we’ll keep the lights on for you, our loyal DCT friends!  See you next time.


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