Working from Home with Neil Kassal – Podcast #072

by | Feb 2, 2022 | News, Podcast | 6 comments

You already work from home, and you’re in IT, so there’s probably not much you can do to improve your setup, right?

Maybe not!

In this episode of Data Center Therapy, your hosts Matt “Faster than Gigabit” Yette and Matt “Layer 2 Plus” Cozzolino welcome IVOXY’s own Systems and Storage Consultant Neil Kassal into the virtual studios.  Neil shares his tips on optimizing your work from home setup, from your seating all the way up to network segmentation and home backups.

Along the way, the dynamic trio discuss:

  • “Layer 8 issues” – how to deal with the distractions of pets, roommates, family and your own physical spaces
  • How to decide what to optimize for in your home network and how to make sure you choose the right gear for those goals
  • Why it makes sense to exercise “best practices” not just in your business and enterprise networks, but also in your home

As a bonus, Yette, Cozz and Neil also talk about the newest exploit that affects much of the enterprise information technology world at the moment: the log4j JNDI vulnerability.  Whether you’re into system security or just want some tips for working from home, there should be something to make you laugh or think on this episode.

As always, if you enjoyed listening to Data Center Therapy, please be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever quality podcasts may be found.  If you need help dealing with the implications and remediation of the log4j vulnerability in your software, systems and storage infrastructure, please reach out to your trusted IVOXY Account Manager or Consultants, and as ever, stay healthy, stay warm in the Pacific Northwest this winter, and stay informed DCT friends.  Catch you on the next fun episode!


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