vSphere 7 (It’s About Time!) with Shane Bradley – Podcast #033

by | May 13, 2020 | Podcast | 2 comments

Nearly two years ago we launched Data Center Therapy talking about the release of 6.7 – and believe it or not it’s been over five since 6.0 came out!

Here at Data Center Therapy our first job is to bring a little empathy back to tech by delighting and informing as many folks as we can while helping our listeners keep their IT lights on in our often noisy and complicated world. As part of the IVOXY family, we also want to help accelerate the understanding and adoption of innovative data center technologies – primarily to solve business problems but also to ease the pain of the administrators who have to manage and maintain their shops.

In any given IT business unit, is there any more fundamental technology today than virtualization? And is there a bigger vendor out there in that space than VMware?

Anticipating the new release of vSphere, the Matts spared no IVOXY talent and managed to book our resident VMware trailblazer and Consultant, Shane Bradley, onto the show to help dive into some of the new features, gotchas, and surprises in the big new release.

You’ll hear about:

  • Container orchestration and the licensing / software infrastructure implications of enabling that technology in your environment.
  • What UI display options are available to you in vSphere 7 and which now aren’t.
  • Core counts and host licensing changes that could impact your current and future compute environments.
  • …And a deep dive inside enhancements to the vMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler subsystems.

Once you get a listen, don’t forget you can come join the conversation with Shane and the guys at this week’s installment of Casual Fridays (11am PDT).

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P.S. Here are some useful vSphere 7 links for ya:


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