VMworld 2020 REDUX Epilogue – Podcast #045

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Podcast

Just in case you missed this #Live recording last week.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: 2020’s been an interesting year for everybody, and there’s one HUGE downside to holding IVOXY’s well-known VMworld REDUX event virtually – there’s no delicious food catered to delight your tongue and warm your belly as you settle in to hear Alec share his latest VMware technology news. But we’ve got attendees covered with the next best thing – lunch delivered on us!

Now for the good news: You didn’t have to fly to Vegas to attend VMworld. You didn’t have to bear with bumpy or congested roads for minutes or hours to travel to your local REDUX venue. You didn’t have to wait for somebody to find your name badge and worm your way through a crowd to find that precious open chair somewhat within earshot of the venue stage. You just sat down at your computer and through the magic of conferencing, bam, you were there.

Our hosts Matt ‘Ask me about my Pi’ Yette and Matt ‘Barbecue-As-A-Service’ Cozzolino welcome back to the virtual studios our very own IVOXY Principal Consultant, Mr. Alec Taylor, who shares his camaraderie and technical perspective on this casual, fun edition of Data Center Therapy – recorded live at our VMworld 2020 REDUX event. You’ll get to hear about a few odds and ends that have the Matts and Alec thinking about the future. Some topics covered on this episode include:

  • ESXi-on-ARM, and what kinds of practical uses both it and SmartNICs may have for companies and data center infrastructure in the future.
  • How DR testing is critical in the new way of doing things.
  • What VMware is doing to encourage adoption of their new endpoint security acquisition, Carbon Black, AND…
  • How eliminating stranded capacity and having active-active data centers can be a reality for businesses adopting newer system and networking practices.

Have a listen!

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Thanks for listening, folks!

PS: It’s not too late to catch our final REDUX virtual event on Thursday, November 5th – register for free now!


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