Virtual Workshops

All of us play a role in information security. With ever-increasing frequency, the folks that manage systems, storage, networks, containers, and the cloud are tasked with turning a security directive into a practical solution.

But where do we start? What are common solutions that address many of the common security challenges?

From ISO 27k to microsegmentation – the hybrid data center to Kubernetes, we’ll provide attendees with actionable best practices and experienced insights around how to turn a policy into a practical solution.


Automation has been the darling of systems engineers & cloud platforms, but why should the server folks & cloud admins have all the fun? In these workshops we will do a little bit of talking & much more showing as to how to automate switches, routers, & enforcement points (firewalls).

From initial deployment, to configuration management & software upgrades, we’ll explore how Ansible & the power of Python can simplify your life & delay the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.



Virtual Desktop Infrastructure sounds cool – but what exactly is it and how does it work?

In this three-part virtual workshop we cover the features & functionality of the VMware Horizon virtual desktop suite. We’ll start with an intro of the basics with desktop & application provisioning and persona management, move up to desktop deployments, upgrades & reassignment, and end with application delivery via App Volumes.


VMware vRealize Operations sounds great in theory – but what exactly is it capable of and how should it be rolled out? 

When it comes to monitoring, managing & planning out your environment, there is nothing better than vROps. This two-part virtual workshop series is intended for those considering or already utilizing the tool to both showcase the plethora of features available and equip you to make meaningful customizations.