VDI with Ryan Grelck (On-Demand Lab Part IV) – Podcast #049

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Podcast

First off, let’s have a brief moment of silence for buffets.

You know, those restaurants that had something for everybody. Those folks eating low-carb could get all their salad and meat value. The folks who love the soups and pasta always left satisfied (and sometimes a little sleepy!) The people who came just for the brownies and soft-serve to top off their otherwise modest meals would be in hot fudge-sauce heaven. Sadly, Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes have departed from this Earth and buffets are mostly a relic of the past.

Now to our present: Though variety may be gone for in-person dining, variety is alive and well right here in our podcast du jour, Data Center Therapy. Our intrepid hosts, Matt ‘Photoshop This!’ Yette and Matt ‘D.J. NewHouse’ Cozzolino welcome back to the virtual studios IVOXY’s very own Ryan “Magnum VDI” Grelck to talk about a smorgasbord full of Horizon topics, including how it has changed and how it’s been implemented in our On-Demand Lab, including:

  • How (virtualized) router instances are deployed through the IVOXY On-Demand Lab.
  • Ryan’s monitor geometries and how the Horizon client differs from the HTML5 one in terms of multi-monitor capabilities.
  • Why VMware changed UEM to DEM in Horizon and how it’s used in the Lab.
  • How Horizon has inbuilt load-balancing & High Availability, and possible alternatives to it.
  • Where Ubiquiti and NanoBeam technology can be used in home wireless networking setups.
  • The challenges of helping a Zoom class out with their lab questions, and how to use Horizon Helpdesk to do just that.
  • And a special “I’ve never seen that before!” With Windows registry keys that control suspiciously hidden updates.

You will also find out why Matt Cozzolino doesn’t need a stud finder in his new house (and no, it is not the obvious joke you’re thinking of!!) 

If you are excited to attend the Hands-On Network Automation with Ansible class hosted by Keith Emmanuel (with Cozz helping along as Teacher’s Assistant and lab proctor) then please reach out to your IVOXY Account Executive or use our website to contact us and we’ll be happy to help get you in on the automation action before time runs out!

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