Trust Nothing and No One: Micro-Segmentation with Matt Cozzolino – Podcast #057

by | Apr 12, 2021 | News

In this short but sweet DCT Episode, Matt “Yette never refers to himself in the third person!” Yette and Matt “Every User is an Attack Surface” Cozzolino give a great little introduction to traditional firewalling, Micro-Segmentation, and Zero Trust concepts in the IT world.

Listening to this episode, you’ll get to hear about:

  • The history of the security “bastion” mindset, leading to how most enterprises built their network infrastructure.
  • What Layer 2 stretch is, what Zero Trust represents, and what Micro-Segmentations comprises and why it’s desirable.
  • Why Windows Firewalls (and even Linux firewalls) can “fall down” after a compromise and how microsegmentation at the hypervisor layer can be a better solution.
  • How to inspect flows between components of an application with software tools, and how to implement Micro-Segmentation after understanding and analyzing those flows.

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