Advanced NetApp

In this class, weʼll tackle the technology, configuration and operational best-practices for NetApp storage systems.

Prerequisite:  Hands-on NetApp

Course Length: 2 days (8am – 5pm).

You’ll Learn:

ONTAP Fundamentals Review

  • A refresher on aggregate, volume, qtree, LUN, CIFS, NFS, & iSCSI concepts System Internals
  • Cabling best practices
  • Validating & managing ONTAP configuration files
  • H/A best practices, common misconfigurations
  •  How ONTAP schedules resources
  •  How ONTAP handles network connectivity
  •  How ONTAP handles fibre channel connectivity iSCSI Deep-Dive
  •  iSCSI networking best practices for performance & availability
  • Multi-pathing concepts
  •  Using SnapDrive to provision, manage iSCSI LUN’s
  •  iSCSI client OS best practices

Fibre Channel (FC) Deep-Dive

  • FC LUN configuration best practices
  • Multi-pathing concepts
  • Queue management
  • FC client OS best practices

CIFS Deep Dive

  • CIFS configuration best practices
  • Troubleshooting CIFS
  • CIFS tunables

NFS Deep Dive

  • NFS configuration best practices
  • Troubleshooting NFS
  • NFS tunables

Capacity & Performance

  • Provisioning for performance, provisioning for capacity
  •  Space reclamation with ASIS (de-duplication) & SnapDrive
  • Volume options that affect performance
  •  Performance monitoring concepts, tools
  •  How to troubleshoot performance issues Virtual Filers/Virtual Servers
  •  vFiler deep-dive
  •  Use cases for vFilers
  • vFiler limitations
  •  Provisioning vFilers

Tools & Utilities

  •  Using WireGauge
  •  Using OnCommand Core
  •  Using nSANity
  • The SnapManager suite
  • The SnapCreator framework

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