Storage Futures with Chris Crow – Podcast #034

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Podcast

We got the band back together!

When’s the last time an old friend stopped by, made you laugh, taught you a little bit, and promised to come back and play some jams on his five-string bass?

This week, on our inaugural #Live Data Center Therapy episode, IVOXY veteran and Pure Storage Engineer Chris Crow showed up to the DCT virtual fiesta for a joyous reunion with the Matts (Señor Yette and Señor Cozzolino). Don’t think it’s just fun and games, though, because Chris cooked up a big ‘ole plate of storage appetizer topics to educate our listeners about brand-new flash technologies.

Chris and the Matts dive into:

  • vVols and the technical advantages it can bring to storage command-and-control mechanisms (Hint: it’s all about keeping the control plane separate from the data plane!)
  • Wear-leveling basics and an anecdote about the dangers of using parity RAID on consumer-grade devices that might not implement TRIM properly.
  • Why it’s not a super great idea to host a Management Cluster hosting a vCenter to be running VSAN that’s managed by the same said cluster – the old chicken and egg problem, oh my ???? .
  • The future of flash connected to host PCI-Express buses, the latency benefits NVMe can bring, and where Pure Storage is at with their RoCE and NVMe-o-FC protocol implementations.
  • …And of course we get to hear both Chris and Yette’s impressions of Mr. Movie Voice Guy, because… why not?

This episode is an absolute hoot and a must-listen for anyone not yet familiar with Data Center Therapy (or those who’ve only been listening for less than 18 months!) Please like, subscribe, review us and rate us on your favorite podcatcher, and visit our Modern Data Pop-up if you’d like to talk with us and Pure about how to put these technologies into action in your environment.

Thanks, and as always stay safe, stay healthy, and stay informed DCT friends!


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