Security vs Home Automation: FIGHT!!! – Podcast #067

by | Oct 6, 2021 | News, Podcast

Time flows strangely in the era of the pandemic.  Sometimes you go out on what seems like a four hour walk, and barely two hours have passed.  Or you might sit down on the couch in what you thought was the morning and suddenly it’s 4PM and you have no idea how that’s even possible.  Here on this podcast episode is a rare change up for Data Center Therapy; there’s almost no mention of the datacenter!  Instead, Matt “Bonjour” Yette and Matt “You have a Rendezvous with a uPnP problem?” Cozzolino melt away thirty-five minutes into what feels like a quick ten minute catch-up with a friend about their home automation adventures.  The Matts talk about Home Assistant and HomeKit here, but this time, it comes loaded with stories about compromises (for the sake of home automation) and the “buyer beware!” security implications of the technologies they’ve played with. 

We promise: it’s still a fun one.

You, our curious listeners, also get to hear:

  • Which robotic vacuums and mops have the Matts looked at (and bought?)
  • How automating things can truly just shift around tasks that you do instead of eliminating them.
  • What happened at a bank inside of a grocery store that made Cozzolino rethink what duties workers have nowadays?

For the network propeller heads, you’ll get to hear about some of the backend technologies and protocols (like mDNS, or the Avahi daemon on Linux) powering some of the newer devices and applications emerging.  Gadget-loving listeners who love a good debate can rest soundly knowing the Z-wave versus Wi-fi tech battle continues unabated.  Listen in for the latest on cutting-edge home tech with the Matts, and as always, be sure to like, share, and subscribe wherever finer podcasts are found.


Stay safe, get automated (but stay secure!) and keep a lookout for our all-new episodes, DCT friends!


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