Scaling with Terraform (On-Demand Lab Part VI) – Podcast #053

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Podcast | 4 comments

Here we go – the final episode of this series [insert Return of the Jedi reference here]. 

This week we here at Data Center Therapy we’re bringing you the ultimate conclusion of the IVOXY On-Demand Lab podcast series, where the subject is all things HashiCorp Terraform.

If the word “scale” is a verb to you, if you grok JSON (Jay-sahn) or YAML (Yeah-mull) or even if the humble PowerShell is your cup of tea, you’ll find some great orchestration and scripting ideas in this episode. Our intrepid hosts, Matt “Perpetual Beta” Yette and Matt “Containers for All the Things” Cozzolino take the time to talk about deep, dank issues that arose in the creation & management of the IVOXY On-Demand Lab – and if you’re all about avoiding pain & agony in your own automation journey, you’ll want to give this one a listen.

The Matts share some key lessons learned like:

  • The problems with storing state files locally when a whole team is using Terraform to develop a virtual infrastructure.
  • How exception handling can be interesting in the Terraform world, and also how the “problem” can be flipped on its head, programmatically speaking.
  • How Horizon 7 still needed PowerShell and became a little island within our Terraform landscape, oh and how the team got around timing vagaries on Horizon deployments.
  • The changes in various products and APIs that radically transformed how they operated, from Terraform 11 to 12, to platforms such as NetApp “7-mode” evolving to the modern Clustered Data ONTAP operating system.

Jump on in!

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