Return of the VDI Jedi – Podcast #056

by | Apr 12, 2021 | News | 5 comments

End-user computing and virtual desktop administrators: You may rejoice as IVOXY VDI Senior Consultant Ryan Grelck returns to the virtual studio of Data Center Therapy.

When you tune into this timely and relevant VDI-centered podcast, you’ll hear Matt “PiHole Schmihole” Yette and Matt “Layer 2 Stretch is cooler than MicroSeg” Cozzolino ask Ryan questions such as:

  • How the IVOXY lab is configured to serve our students in the Horizon for Virtual Administrators class, and which virtual machines and applications you can find in the class environment.
  • How to decode the version numbers of Horizon releases, and why they’re not exactly what you’d expect given the dates they appear on the market.
  • When to expect more VDI classes, and what topics will appear in Ryan’s Advanced VDI courses.

The Matts and Ryan also talk about hot wings, getting pepper-sprayed, Linux desktops, password managers, and ad-blockers like AdGuard and PiHole.  Give it a listen and be sure to like, share, and subscribe wherever quality podcasts are found.

Ryan’s second VMware Horizon for Administrators class, in July, has seats available, so if you’re interested, be sure to talk to your IVOXY Account Manager to reserve a spot soon!  Cozzolino’s Micro-Segmentation class is also in the works so stay tuned for more news on it in our future DCT episodes!


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