Ransomware Preparedness with Quinton Barber – Podcast #080

by | May 11, 2022 | News, Podcast | 28 comments

Cliched though it may be, it’s true: It’s not if you’re going to experience a ransomware attack, it’s just a matter of when.

What can you do to prepare for it?

Matt “It’s 2022 but Backup is still Sexy” Yette  and Matt “Trip this Wire” Cozzolino welcome back to the virtual studios for the second time in a row IVOXY’s own Mr. Quinton Barber, Security Consultant, who counts acting as an Anti-Ransomware Specialist as one of his many responsibilities.  Quinton and the Matts waste no time and begin to prescribe steps you can take to harden your environment, instrument your infrastructure, and shorten the time to restore when something happens to your data.

In this episode you, our loyal and proactive but ransomware-prone listeners will get to hear about:

  • What aggregation of logs and the use of a SIEM means to your business, and how it can inform your decision makers of when to restore from (known good backup points) in a Business Continuity event.
  • How long to set your log retention for both compliance for your business and for forensics purposes for your infrastructure.  
  • What the costs of business are, so to speak, when it comes to running the adjunct compute, storage, and networking you need to effectively monitor and alert on events.
  • How cutting-edge technologies like suspicious-activity snapshots from storage vendors is changing the way ransomware events are handled

If phrases like event correlation, firewalls, IDS/IPS, and MDR garner your interest, this episode’s going to be a great one for you.

On the other hand, Quinton and your DCT hosts do their best to keep things very understandable and relatable if your ransomware concerns are there, but your own knowledge of all those anti-ransomware tools needs augmentation. CLICK HERE if you’d like to attend one of IVOXY’s Security Roundtables.



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