Origins (On-Demand Lab Part I) – Podcast #046

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Podcast | 7 comments

Everybody has that special treat they love the most.

Maybe for you, it’s that ice-cold lemon or strawberry drink from the throw-back 50’s drive-in place that’s only open June through October, or cupcakes with top-shelf fillings and diabetes-inducing icing from that gourmet place around the corner, when they don’t sell out in the first few hours of the day. Or… maybe it’s just something healthy, made with care, leafy and green without additives, sweeteners or adulterants of any kind.

This week’s special treat from the Data Center Therapy crew is an audio tidbit that was recorded during the second round of our big VMworld REDUX event (in this case, our virtual 2020 edition). Think of it as a podcast craft-cocktail. You know, those extravagant but tasty (and lovingly made) things we all used to go out for occasionally, back when that was a thing.

In this episode, your virtual bow tie-wearing and classy-as-a-Hendricks-martini hosts, Matt “Single-Tasker and Proud” Yette, and Matt “Duct-Tape, Hubba-Bubba, and Python Script” Cozzolino talk about how the new IVOXY Lab was designed, how it was implemented, the things it can do, where it’ll go in the future and what it all means to you!

Take a seat in the IVOXY Data Center Therapy wagon of the imagination, crank up the volume, and along your journey you’ll hear about:

  • Which components of the lab solution were chosen by the team, and what criteria was important to them such as reliability, manageability and performance.
  • Why the Cloud was assessed as an option, and why it was ruled out (in the short term) – plus how that may be revisited again in the future.
  • How IVOXY training classes running on the compute can compete for hardware resources (such as Horizon demos) that are spun-up by other consultants.
  • What Terraform and Infrastructure-as-Code brings to the table, and how stateless configuration languages are better than “one-off” configuration efforts.
  • When things went WAY sideways with a vCenter trying to integrate a Rubrik 5.2 restore into an environment with NSX-T 3.0 present (and what fixes it!)

This is a fun and delightful episode that shares adventures from just about all disciplines: networking, storage, compute, cloud and automation, so be sure to give it a listen if your technical interests veer towards any of those.

Please be aware that our very own Network Guru and CCIE Keith Emmanuel will soon be teaching his Hands-On Network Automation with Ansible training class this January, and you can save your seat now!

Lastly we thank you all for your loyal following, engagement and attention DCT listeners! Your suggestions and comments help us bring you the content and expertise we here at IVOXY love sharing with our community. As always, please be sure to smash that subscribe button wherever finer podcasts can be heard. Be safe, be informed and tune-in again soon!


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