Networking with Joe – Podcast #054

by | Mar 10, 2021 | News | 9 comments

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Proud family that we are, IVOXY formally invites you to tune into this special episode of Data Center Therapy, where our hosts Matt “LAN party” Yette and Matt “Beard Ambassador” Cozzolino welcome Network Consultant Joe Lentz to the virtual DCT studio.  Joe shares stories with the hosts about his networking background (dating back to high school!), his service in the Air Force, and his experiences working between security policy implementation and datacenter networking deployments.   

Joe also talks with the Matts about:

  • How his military background and skillsets around producing procedures, writing documentation, and outlining tasks prepared him for the corporate world.
  • How Palo Alto’s application engine technology compares to that of Checkpoint, SonicWall, and other firewalls on the market, and why they’re racing to catch up.
  • How Wildfire, event correlation engines, and malware detection systems work to prevent security disasters for many of his customers.

You don’t have to be a security or network admin or engineer to appreciate the conversation. The Matts and Joe breaks everything down into understandable, relatable, and relevant information for all folks who work with IT infrastructure.

Give it a listen.

If you have questions about your own policies and postures after listening to Joe, IVOXY is always happy to assess your existing networks and firewalls. If you’d like assistance, please do reach out to your IVOXY Contacts – we’re ready to help!

Oh, and one more thing – IVOXY expert vSphere consultant Shane Bradley, will be teaching our upcoming Introduction to Virtualization with vSphere 7.0 this coming April. We’ll cover Virtualization concepts, walk through Best Practices for ESXi and vCenter configuration, and introduce the basics of getting started with Kubernetes.


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