Networking on vSphere – Podcast #028

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Podcast

Dust off your CD collection… or start digging up your thousands of .mp3 tracks – we’re about to kick it back a couple decades!

So, you listened to Episode #027 but you still have *so* many remaining questions about enterprise & small business networks: What are good practices for setting up ESXi and vSphere networking? Should I put management vmkernel ports on Standard or Distributed virtual switches? Nexus or Catalyst switching? And perhaps you’re wondering: How the heck did Matt Cozzolino pick up networking design and implementation skills when he came to IVOXY as a system engineer?

Get answers to all those questions and more by settling in and giving Episode #028 a listen. Yette and Cozz also cover:

  • Best practices for VLAN tagging of both management and virtual machine port groups (and the benefits of ephemeral port groups!)
  • Whether or not to aggregate links for various use cases and what has to happen with your networking team when you need to rebuild servers.
  • The differences between networking using only faculties in vCenter versus those new paradigms when NSX-T is deployed into a cloud or on-prem environment.
  • And from Geezer Corner – how back in the day Napster, AIM, port-blocking, and colleges could make for a very challenging network environment to optimize and secure.

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