NetApp Technical Partner Manager (and IVOXY alumnus) Kris Lamet – Podcast #076

by | Mar 23, 2022 | News, Podcast | 10 comments

Welcome back Data Center Therapy fans!  We have a special treat on this podcast as IVOXY’s own Kris Lamet returns to the virtual DCT studios, this time employed at NetApp as their Technical Partner Manager for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

Kris and your two intrepid hosts, Matt “2.4 Gigahertz?  Sure Does!” Yette and Matt “Deadbolt This!” Cozzolino crack a couple of frosty ones and muse about the amazing longevity and adaptability of NetApp, the challenges of using the cloud either for DR or for hybrid datacenter scaling, and the newest home automation projects they’re all working on.

You’ll also learn in this episode:

  • Which technologies NetApp themselves pioneered that are still in widespread use by all storage vendors to this day.
  • How many unique products NetApp have in their portfolio, and which new acquisitions they’ve made have been relevant to the cloud-first adopters.
  • What challenges in home automation arise with WiFi versus Z-Wave devices and why RoomAssistant and HomeAssistant have tortured Matt Yette most recently.

When listening, you’re in for some storage and cloud talk for sure, but you’ll also be a party to some good old-fashioned IVOXY Squad camaraderie and home gadget talk, so there’s something for everybody. 

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