Matt “The Toolman” Yette – Podcast #042

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Podcast

Remember Tim & Wilson catching up across the fence on Home Improvement?

This episode feels a lot like that!

It’s a holiday week, so Matt & Matt slowed things down a bit to catch up on a potpourri of personal and semi-technical topics like:

  • Their top choices of hard breakfast beverages.
  • One of Yette’s old DMB fan stories.
  • All things printers (including how to actually get a reliable home printer.
  • Cozz’s recent off-roading experiences.
  • A crude form of packet-based radio messaging you’ve likely never heard of.
  • Yette’s home reno, especially focused on bringing his back yard to life!
  • Some helpful tips for installing LED strips anywhere, and other home improvement need-to-knows.

Much like the episode, we’re keeping this week’s blog post casual – enjoy the show!

PS: We just added more dates to our Hands-on vSphere 6.7 Advanced Class, October 6-8. Save your seat now!


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