Mapping and Macintoshes – Podcast #078

by | Apr 6, 2022 | News, Podcast | 22 comments

Using a Garmin?  Maybe a TomTom?  It’s OK if you’re not, because it’s 2022 and your phone has a maps application, right?

If you thought you knew everything about what you can do with your phone and a mapping app, think again!

We welcome our Data Center Therapy guests to a gadget- and application-filled episode as your hosts Matt “Major Release Blues” Yette and Matt “Offroad Antenna” Cozzolino chat about mapping and then circle around to the state of Macintosh hardware and software.  Whether you’re a diehard camper, an off-road enthusiast, a powder hound, or you just want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes on mapping applications, the Matts have you covered with this podcast.  In this episode you’ll get to learn about:

  • How cars have evolved subscription models for some services, and how those are still far behind modern mobile apps and the modern PC browser experience.
  • Mapping players such as CalTopo and Gaia, and what their (premium) subscriptions enable.
  • What kinds of data satellite feeds can provide and how to integrate those up-to-date feeds into certain mapping apps.

The Matts also share their historic experiences with Macintosh, the current state of Macintosh hardware and Apple’s own CPU platform, and their thoughts on the modern development and evolution of the MacOS operating system. 

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