The Man in Black, from VMware’s Carbon Black – Podcast #066

by | Sep 22, 2021 | News, Podcast

We know, we know, EVERYbody’s talking about ransomware lately. 

Given that there’s so many bad actors, and so many easily tricked users, though, how can we not talk about it?  At least talk about a different technical approach to anti-virus and anti-malware software, we say.  Tell us what makes it different and how it can be proactive, and not just reactive like most solutions out there.

Ask and ye shall receive!  Matt “The tinfoil doesn’t seem to be working!” Yette and Matt “I DROPped that packet, didn’t I?” Cozzolino welcome to the virtual studios a very special guest with a highly unique background.  Jon Nelson, Global Field Solutions Engineer from VMware’s Carbon Black acquisition joins the Matts and shares his experiences.  Were you expecting a Pennsylvania State Police Corporal, or a Computer Forensics specialist for the United States government to join Data Center Therapy for an episode?  Neither were we!

Jon and the Dynamic DCT Duo talk about:

  • When companies talk about Machine Learning with respect to endpoint scanning, what does that REALLY mean?
  • How is Carbon Black different than anti-virus or anti-malware scanning software?
  • What kinds of bad-guy methodologies are out there to subvert typical scanning strategies, and what kinds of counter-strategies are there to harden or secure endpoints?

This one’s both entertaining and a shockingly deep dive into the somewhat dark, but not-so-mysterious-anymore world of cybersecurity.  Give it a listen and be sure to like, share and subscribe at all the usual doobleydoos.  If you’d like help implementing or learning more about Carbon Black in your virtual infrastructure and more, please reach out to your local IVOXY Account Manager. 


Stay safe, stay ahead of the baddies, look into this Neuralyzer, and do join us on our next episode of Data Center Therapy!


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